Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Presenting Paisley

Perhaps you've thought that the Bears have been hibernating, since it has been so long since we've made any posts to the blog!  While some may have been, the rest have been very busy.  We've finally taken a break and are pleased to present the newest lamb in our flock, Paisley. 

Paisley is packed full of personality, and she is positively passionate about:

  • Periwinkle, purple, pink and other pastels
  • Psalms, poetry, parody, plays and practical prose
  • Peacocks, pandas, pekingese puppies
  • Peanut butter, pancakes, parsley potatoes, pasta, pineapple pizza, peaches, pudding, pastries and pecan pie
  • Practicing piano in the parlor
  • Preparing pots of petunias, pansies, primroses and peonies
  • Playful prancing
  • Purposeful pursuits

Perhaps you presume that Paisley is passionate about all things starting with P?  Not so! Paisley positively protests:

  • posing for photographs with porcupines
  • painful pricks from pediatric practitioners
  • passwords preventing purchases
  • people phishing for private points
  • politicians paltry promises
  • pickled pigs feet, and
  • pasty peas!

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