Saturday, February 6, 2010

Meet Zach

There's a new bear in the Baybeary Cottage.  His name is Zach.  He is a curious fellow.  He is playful and fun one moment, spouting off witty commentary on everything, and quiet and reflective the next.  He is an upper class bear with mohair fur, glass eyes and cotterpin joints.  He says his pattern is like those of "Old World Bears", but he is very much a bear of the 21st Century.  He is trying to decide what attire he would like to have - a collection of collars and ribbons for every occasion or an entire wardrobe like that of the popular Build A Bear gang...

Perhaps he needs to think on that one for awhile.


  1. Very good to meet you Zach!
    Your mother has good taste in us bears, so have passed on an award to you all.
    Please come & collect @ your leisure.